“It is so powerful to hear women’s stories of sobriety,” says licensed clinical alcohol and drug counselor Beth Kane-Davidson, director of the Addiction Treatment Center at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland. Another study suggests that positive messages can counter and help reduce people’s tendency to hang onto negative experiences such as the challenges of addiction and withdrawal. Research even goes on to show that meaningful sobriety quotes and self-affirmations can promote pro-social behavior, boost well-being, and even improve problem-solving under stress. For those who have already crossed over to the other side, take heart, it’s never late to choose the right path. You have so many things to do instead of thinking about your next round.

  • Remember our subconscious mind doesn’t know if something has happened already or is to happen in the future.
  • Have the courage to stand still and move forward when ready, but don’t turn back or give up.
  • When I got to Discovery Place my whole life was in shambles, but I didn’t know it.
  • Artists offer a special glimpse into how addiction can be expressed in multiple forms.
  • Also, recovering individuals may be unsure about their future and anxious for the unknown, which can also be a trigger to use.

I no longer wanted to spend the next day recovering from a hangover. You’re no longer afraid to connect with other people, but you’re more likely to do dumb shit to make others lose interest in you. And I will admit, it’s much easier to start a conversation with someone if your inhibitions are lowered. You’re a product of your environment, and your daily actions reinforce the power your environment has over you. You’re only questioning yourself because it’s a new path, and you aren’t certain how things will turn out.

Staying Sober

However, I have also found that by example, I can change some people’s viewpoint. I enjoy proudly, truthfully and matter-or-factly sharing my past as part of who I am. There are women succeeding beyond their wildest dreams because of their sobriety. First, Resolve upon, and daily endeavour to practise, a life of seriousness and strict sobriety.

Time and time again, I have found that when all else fails, I can stop, pray The Serenity Prayer and take a moment to give my concern to my Higher Power. Joe Herzanek is the president and founder ofChanging Lives Foundationand currently serves as Chaplain at the Weld County Jail . He previously spent over seventeen years working in the criminal justice system as the Chaplain at the Boulder County Jail and as a certified addiction professional in Colorado. Joe is the former host of Recovery Television, speaker, producer of several DVDs, includingThe 10 Toughest Questions Families and Friends Ask About Addiction and Recoveryand author of the award-winning bookWhy Don’t They Just Quit?

First of all, Soul Recovery isn’t about recovering from addiction or anything else. The Soul Recovery teachings are here to assist us in recovering and rediscovering that which is real – our own sense of wholeness – which is how we perceive of ourselves. In the rediscovery of that which we’ve become disconnected from, addiction and dysfunctional behaviors are healed.

Don’t forget to also check out these recovery and addiction quotes to help you heal. Grab a few Post-It notes and write some of your favorites down as sobriety saying you read through these sobriety quotes. Enter your email address to follow Right Path and receive updates about addiction treatment news via email.

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Provides emotional support or encouragement to the person reading it. Skills and mindset content to help you realize your potential, let go of resentment, and live life with purpose. I didn’t know what my scene was at the time, but I knew this environment was not the best use of my time or energy. You’re going to have many problems in your life if you do things just to fit in, rather than finding a group which naturally aligns with your choices. Nowhere is this more apparent than with alcohol consumption. You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be around the right ones. A big turning point for me was deciding that I wanted maximum responsibility over my life.

  • People continue to be confused around what anonymity means and doesn’t mean, which prevents many people from talking about their addiction openly.
  • We live in a society that revolves around alcohol consumption.
  • You’re a product of your environment, and your daily actions reinforce the power your environment has over you.
  • You must become willing to give up every excuse and all your resistance, so that the sunlight of the Spirit can shine it’s healing powers through you.

While celebrities have stories about their addiction struggles, they can also relate to people in recovery. Here’s what a few have had to say about addiction recovery.

Quotes And Sayings About Sobriety

What matters is that you choose to live in recovery every single day. Staying sober is helping you reach new heights in your life. The best thing i ever did for myself and my family was getting clean and sober. I will never forget the pain and torture addiction put me through. That’s why i wake up every morning determined not to give up on my sobriety. There were a hundred reasons why a man will want a drink, but I wanted one now for the most elementary reason of all. I didn’t want to feel what I was feeling, and a voice within was telling me that I needed a drink, that I couldn’t bear it without it.

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Speak to one of our counselors to get more information on various treatment options. Take each day one step at a time, and you’ll be sober before you know it. It also has a profound impact on your family, especially if you have children. If you need an extra kick to get sober, here are some motivating addiction recovery quotes.

Remember That You Are In The Drivers Seat Of Your Own Journey:

On the other hand, many times none of these things need to change. Finding and retaining a good, solid support system is essential (continue to partner with those who “have been there”). Are you or a loved one possibly suffering from drug and alcohol addiction? At Landmark Recovery, we’ve built a reputation providing treatment for individuals seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction. You’re not just a number to us, and our team of dedicated professionals is waiting to greet you with compassion, understanding, and respect. I worked at a prestigious law firm in New York City, lived in a great apartment, and had a tight set of family and friends.

sobriety saying

When you face challenges in sobriety, use them to take you to an even better place in your recovery rather than hold you down. You are born anew into a powerful, unique person who can shine their light into the world. Embrace this transformation and see yourself for the radiant person you are. Embrace who you are and celebrate how you handle the challenges of your recovery process.

“Although it was a short stay at Discovery, I feel I got a lot out of meetings, commitments, feed back, and advice from my family.” Discovery Place and the men who work there made recovery attractive, and more importantly, fun. I keep everyone there in my prayers, and I encourage everyone there to take what they are practicing and do it in their lives, after.

Although not taken from one of the 12 steps, Alcoholics Anonymous and their “Big Book” are attributed for the phrase, “live one day at a time”. It derives from the original concept of AA which is that each individual each has 24 hours of sobriety. Essentially, this means that each individual has a daily obligation to feed their spiritual needs, including managing their own sobriety. There is no cure for addiction, just a responsibility to the self upon each new day to remain sober. This allows individuals in recovery to not have to fret over a commitment to sobriety forever, but only the present day. Taking sobriety on for today is an easier pill to swallow than forever, and allows an individual to feel comfortable with their recovery goals.

Sobriety Quotes To Encourage Addicts Through The Recovery Journey

I admitted that I was an alcoholic, that I was scared, and that I needed to make a change. If I couldn’t first accept this, then there was no chance I would ever fix it. People have a different reaction when you tell them “I’m sober” vs “I don’t drink”. One of the things about my drinking is that I wasn’t addicted to booze, per se. I was more addicted to the ritual and the partying surrounding it.

Understanding and managing their emotions can help the situation. When family members help themselves, it will enable them to help their loved one more effectively. “I’ve been on a winding journey trying to find my way in the world since I was 17. Not long after, I became part-time student, full-time connoisseur of alcohol and drugs. If you are stuck in a cycle of addiction and believe that no one could relate to the way you are feeling, these quotes from sober celebrities can show you that you aren’t the only person struggling with addiction.

Sobriety Quotes To Keep You Motivated

She was a union organizer for healthcare workers for 18 years before going back to school for her Master of Public Health, and spent ten years as Director of Organizing for Pennsylvania’s largest nurses’ union. She lives in West Philadelphia with her beautiful black cat, Loviefluffy. April Wilson Smith, MPH, is a PhD student in Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Her research focuses on harm reduction approaches to people who use substances when they enter the healthcare system. “Remember just because you hit bottom doesn’t mean you have to stay there.” — Robert Downey Jr.

This, in addition to buprenorphine’s pharmacological and safety profile, makes it an attractive treatment for patients addicted to opioids. The disclosure is made to medical personnel in a medical emergency or to qualified personnel for research, audit, or practice/program evaluation. Per current guidelines, we see clients weekly for the first month. All treatment plans are personally tailored to each individual patient and your visits will ultimately be at the discretion of your doctor and councilors. Drug addiction and alcoholism are not a choice, they are in fact diseases.

Know That Tomorrow Is A New Day:

You might be afraid of what happens if you keep drinking, but you’re more afraid of what happens when you stop. There are people with a shitty personality when both sober and drunk.

When struggling to get sober, it helps to know that addiction can affect even the best of us. The journey of these celebrities are often inspiration for those in recovery. These quotes are pulled from the SMART recovery program, an increasingly popular recovery program. Scroll down to look back at some of Shepard’s most powerful quotes about his sobriety journey.

It’s amazing how many people have no idea how to socialize without a bar. I’ve taken these quotes from various pieces of my writing on various platforms. All of these quotes are Ed Latimore original statements from a combination of my social media platforms, my website, my newsletter, and my best-selling book “Sober Letters To My Drunken Self”. “Understanding your personal reasons for getting sober will make it easier for you to stick up for yourself when challenged, and increases your success with abstaining as well as your satisfaction from doing so,” Dr. Heinzerling says. You’ve already survived 100 percent of your worst days. Violation of the federal law and regulations by a practice/program is a crime. Suspected violations may be reported to appropriate authorities in accordance with federal regulations.

Even for those years into their sobriety, the threat of relapse remains a lurking presence in their day to day lives. If you ever feel this way, know that there are plenty of people who are dealing with the same struggle, and that each day of sobriety is another victory. Overcoming the https://ecosoberhouse.com/ power of addiction is no easy achievement. Every day can be a struggle against inner turmoil, and outside pressures, exerting influence on you. Sometimes, it helps to hear motivational quotes about willpower and finding the strength to overcome any challenge, no matter how great.